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Latino Mental Health Association of New Jersey

The Latino Mental Health Association of New Jersey (formerly the Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey) is an organization of mental health professionals serving the Latino population.  Membership is offered to all mental health professionals and students whether or not they are of Latino origins, who are committed to providing the best quality service to those in need.


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Members enjoy reduced rates for our events and conferences, advance notice of our events, announcements regarding employment opportunities and access to Members-only e-mail list to communicate with each other regarding your interests.

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 LMHANJ Statement on Ukraine

Dear LMHANJ Community,

During the past several weeks we have witnessed the horrible injustice unfold as Russia invades the sovereign nation of Ukraine. This blatant violation of humanity has prompted a global response in support of the courageous people of Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to destruction and loss of life.  The Latino/a/x Mental Health Association of New Jersey stands in solidarity with all Ukrainian people. As the invasion unfolds and people flee from the country, we must not lose sight of the racism and discrimination experienced by many of the refugees of African, Middle Eastern and Indian heritage who are seeking safety. We, as an organization, condemn the violation of human rights and will continue to advocate for justice and well-being of all impacted by the events in the Ukraine. The U.S. State Department has provided a link for information and ways to help,

New Jersey has a large Ukrainian population, and many organizations in the state are actively seeking supplies. If you are interested in helping at a local level, please visit:  and


In solidarity,


 2022 Recipient of The Robert D. McCormick Award:

Dr. Jesselly De La Cruz

May 25, 2022

Dear LMHANJ community:

The United States has now witnessed over 200 mass shootings in 2022. The violence touches us all regardless of location. We have felt the pain of communities of color being targeted such as the hate crime massacre shooting on May 14, 2022, in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York where 10 Black individuals were killed and 3 were injured. On May 17, 2022 a Taiwanese church was the target of hate and violence. Yesterday, the nation grieved as we witnessed yet another deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, a predominantly Latinx community,  where 19 children and two adults were killed.  We also learned that there was an unprovoked fatal shooting on a New York City subway train on May 22, 2022. These ongoing acts of violence are a harsh reminder of the challenges we face in unpacking the root causes, often fueled by overt racism. The LMHANJ Board condemns these heinous acts of violence that cause individual and collective distress and pain. We call our members to provide support to any victim of racism and/or gun violence and to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. There are actions we can take by supporting national and local efforts to stop hate crimes and gun violence. These resources are useful:


In solidarity,