LMHANJ Listserv Membership Guidelines

Inclusion in LMHANJ’s Listserv is a benefit to membership.  As such, we ask that you follow consider the following guidelines:

This automated email, with the subject line “LMHANJ List-serv Regulations,” will be  sent once a month to list members about the list/group norms in an effort to help the list work as well as possible for our members. We encourage you to review the guidelines periodically in case you have future questions. 

Listserv Content

Of course, every post isn't interesting to every person, and members should use delete liberally or switch to digest mode. In general, you can simply ask yourself, "Are at least a handful of list members besides myself likely to benefit from the discussion?" 

Membership renewals occur around October 1 of every year, at which time you will receive a reminder to your registered email.  Be on the lookout for this email to ensure continued access to all membership perks.

The LMHANJ Board encourages the use of the listserv.  Considerations of what to post include: discussion points relative to Latinx mental health, referral/material requests…


Requests to the board for a specific member’s contact information will generally be denied for  reasons of privacy. However, members can look up an individual member’s contact information via the website’s membership directory tool. 

  • When posting a request to the listserv (e.g. material recommendations, referrals, job postings, etc.), be sure to include your contact information so that recipients know to whom directly respond.

  • When responding to a request, please reply directly, rather than to the general listserv email ([email protected]).  This will reduce the volume to the listserv and allow for listserv exchanges to remain relevant to most.

Please take precautions to avoid sending information via the listserv that could personally identify a client’s identity or otherwise protected confidential or private health/background information . In addition to actual client names, please keep background information general when making requests for services, especially for a client for whom the details of their  situation may make the client identifiable to others (e.g., seeking services for 12-year-old lone survivor of a fire in city x, last week).    

Please be sure to encrypt all confidential documents to prevent loss of data via security breach or otherwise unintentional distribution to this or any other listserv.

In the event that you receive a listserv post that appears to constitute a security breach please delete the email and assure that it is also deleted from your trash bin. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines or participating in the listserv, please contact the Membership Chair or President (contact information can be found here: https://lpanj.memberclicks.net/executive-board).

Thank you again for your continued participation in our organization and for your contributions to our listserv.